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Gym & Classes

At Wodson Park

Looking for a community gym to support your fitness goals? Wodson Park has an excellent range of equipment, whether you’re looking to lift weights or improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Plus, we have a range of membership options to suit everyone.

We offer a range of cardiovascular equipment, including treadmills, bikes, cross trainers and rowers. We also have a new strength and conditioning area which offers a full range of free weights and squat racks and a Smith machine.

Wodson Park’s gym has more than 45 stations of cardiovascular equipment including:

  • Bikes
  • Cross trainers
  • Rowing machines
  • Treadmills

We also have:

  • Full range of resistance weights machines
  • Free weights

Our friendly instructors are always on hand to help with any difficulties, offer advice or just for a chat.

Man working out in Wodson Park gym

Free exercise programme reviews

Your instructor will give review your personal exercise programme after an agreed number of sessions.

You will continue to receive support with regular reviews and advice, to help you to stay motivated and achieve the fitness results you want.

Gym Induction

Our gym is available to all adult members of Wodson Park who have completed a compulsory induction, which includes:

If you are new to exercising in a gym, we recommend you book one or two free sessions with one of our instructors within the first few weeks, to ensure that you are comfortable with your personal exercise programme.

Personal Training

If you need that little bit of extra help to keep you motivated, why not book a personal gym training session?

Our experienced personal trainers will tailor your gym session to help you reach your fitness goals – ideal if you are easily bored, lack enthusiasm, or you simply need a push in the right direction.

Our personalised gym training/coaching sessions cost:

Half Hour


Contact us for further details



Contact us for further details

Results first

Results FAST

If you are looking for a gym, fitness class or personal trainer then look no further than Results FAST.

We offer small group training, personal training and focused fitness classes but we do things differently. At Results FAST your membership guarantees you a way of training that will be supportive, personalised and flexible to your needs while being fun.  With over 50 sessions per week, each one lead by an expert, we use a combination of resistance training and focused cardio/HIIT conditioning to work out the best way for you to see progress.

We are so confident we can help you to achieve your goal we offer a two-week free trial.

To find out more, check out our website at 


Fitness Classes

Our friendly, experienced fitness instructors provide high-quality coaching, and are dedicated to helping everyone experience the many health and lifestyle benefits of regular fitness workouts. We offer classes for a range of activities for all fitness levels, from Zumba and HIIT to aerobics and line dancing. 

Classes include: 

  • Below the belt: Join Sharon for an aerobics session targeting your hips and legs 
  • Total body HIIT/strength workout: An energizing, all-over body workout with Sarah. 
  • Body blitz: If you don’t like too much complexity, this is the class for you. Hazel will guide you through user-friendly combinations with body conditioning exercises to finish. 
  • Bounce: A fun exercise class on mini trampolines with Claire. NOTE: This is not included as part of the Pay and Exercise card. Book directly here 
  • Low impact, high sweat conditioning: Suitable for all abilities, Sarah leads the class through low-impact aerobics. 
  • The mixer: Jane’s class keeps it simple  for an effective and uplifting experience. 
  • Beginner’s strength: The ideal workout with Carllye for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit. 
  • HIIT circuits (for intermediate fitness levels)An hour working the full body with Mads using Swiss balls, weights, body bars and bands. 
  • Mad circuits (for intermediate and advanced fitness levels): At each circuit station, work at your own pace, performing prescribed exercises using a variety of weights, skipping ropes, body bars, medicine balls and bench work. Let Alison guide you to give all major muscle groups a great workout. 
  • Zumba: Hypnotic musical rhythms and tantalising moves create a dynamic workout with a Latin flavour. Karen leads this fun and easy class. 
  • Line dancing: A recent addition to the Wodson timetable, Sarah’s fabulous new class is for anyone who loves to dance and is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. You don’t even need a partner. 

To find out times, click the button below for our weekly timetable. 

Fit Blitz Class Poster
Cardio Strength Class Poster
Senior Zumba Class Poster

Wellbeing classes

Wodson Park offers a great selection of wellbeing classes, all led by friendly and experienced instructors. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or are already experienced; there is a class that will suit your abilities. 

Our classes are graded to help you decide which is the right one for you. And if you are unsure, our instructors can help you decide. 

  • Nordic walking (beginners and intermediate): This is a four-week course that tones the whole body. Get in touch to book a place with Hazel. 
  • Pilates (all levels): Becky runs a six-week course (booking required) for beginners and intermediate levels, while Carllye and Bonny run classes for all levels. 
  • Yogalates (all levels)Yogalates (all levels): For something a little different, Songal provides a class mixing yoga and pilates working on balance, flexibility and core strength. 
  • Tai Chi for over-50s (all levels)Tai Chi for over-50s (all levels): A health promoting exercise, combining deep breathing and relaxation, with slow and gentle movements with Jackie. 
  • Yoga (all levels): Heidi leads a class focusing on relaxation, posture, breathing and flexibility. 
  • Vinyasa flow yoga and meditation (beginners and intermediate): An hour of movement flowing with the breath, building strength, balance and flexibility. Join Clive to energise the body and calm the mind.  
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Yin Yoga Class Poster

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